Release Process

The release process can only be executed by core contributors with access to dependency systems.

  1. On the /develop, verify the is prepared for release ([Unrelease] -> [vX.X.X])
  2. Create a Pull Request from /develop -> /master with title vX.X.X Release
  3. Ensure all checks pass (CodeClimate and TravisCI)
  4. Keep all commits (do NOT Squash and Merge) when merging /develop -> /master
  5. Checkout /master to your local machine; ensure it is up-to-date with origin/master via git pull and git status
  6. Ensure that there are no empty directories using git clean -i
  7. In the same folder as the reactor pom, execute the command:
    • mvn -Pbintray-asset-share-commons release:prepare
    • Set the release tag as: asset-share-commons-X.X.X
  8. When complete, copy the resulting AEM packages from the ui.apps and ui.content target folders to a safe place (will be used in Step 10)
  9. Also copy the generated apidocs folder from the ui.core project’s target/site to a safe place.
  10. In the same folder as the reactor pom, execute the command:
    • mvn -Pbintray-asset-share-commons release:perform
  11. Publish the 16 artifacts on
  12. Contact the Adobe release contact (Simo!), and request an artifact deployment to (with key INFRA-5605)
  13. Create a release on GitHub for asset-share-commons-X.X.X
    • Upload the 2 artifacts from step 6 to the release.
    • Link to the changelog in the description for the matching release tag commit.
  14. Merge (do NOT squash and merge) /master back into /develop to update the the pom versions w/ commit message: vX.X.X-SNAPSHOT.
  15. Close the GitHub milestone X.X.X and create the next Milestone. Ensure all issues associated with the completed milestone are closed.
  16. Copy the apidocs from step 7 into the Asset Share Commons GitHub pages site (asset-share-commons/gh-pages branch) at /apidocs.

It may take several days for the artifacts to be promoted to, however the artifacts are immediately available on > Set Up.