Download Modal (Dynamic Media) Component

  • Component title: Download Modal (Dynamic Media)
  • Component group: Asset Share Commons - modals
  • Released with version 1.5.0

For this component to work, AEM must be started with Dynamic Media (dynamicmedia runmode) enabled. All Image Presets used via this action must be published to AEM Publish.

Note that this functionality ONLY works with Dynamic Media (Hybrid) and NOT the newer Dynamic Media (Scene 7) due to the shift of dynamic image processing from AEM Publish (in DM Hybrid) to the more robust cloud processing in Dynamic Media (Scene 7).

Displays the modal used to download one or more assets for use when AEM Assets Dynamic Media is enabled.

  • The left portion of the modal displays the list (one or more) assets that will be downloaded as part of this operation.
    • Multiple assets can be downloaded via the Cart.
  • The original assets is included in the download zip via the Exclude Original Assets from ZIP File dialog configuration.
  • Users can select to include up to one Dynamic Media rendition (defined via Image Presets).
  • Users can select to include all renditions.
  • Users can select to include all (any) sub-assets.

The resulting download is a zip file (the zip file name can be authored via the dialog).


The Download Modal is authored by opening up the download action page (of Action Template type) via AEM’s Site admin.

Each download page should have exactly one Download Modal component.

This Download Modal action page must referenced from the Search page’s Page Properties.

The modal displays the placeholder image when being authored.

Dialog / Labels

The modal’s title.

Asset List Title

The title text to display above the list of assets to download.

Download Form Title

The title text to display above the download option check-boxes.

Image Presets Drop-down Text

The text to display in the Image Presets dropdown when no Image Preset has been selected.

Cancel Button Label

The text for the button that closes the modal.

Download Button Label

The text for the button that lets users download the assets.

Dialog / File

Exclude Original Assets from ZIP File

Check to exclude original assets from the downloaded zip file. This applies for all uses of this Download modal.

ZIP File Name

The name of the zip file to download.

Allow Download of Static Renditions

Select to allow the downloading of any static renditions auto-generated by AEM. If left unchecked, the option to download static renditions will not be displayed.

Image Presets

Select the image presets to be shown to the user.

Technical details

  • Component: /apps/asset-share-commons/components/modals/download-dynamic-media
  • Sling Model: com.adobe.aem.commons.assetshare.components.actions.dmdownload.DynamicMediaDownload

The download functionality leverages AEM Assets servlet. To ensure this servlet is available, the following request path must be open (ie. not blocked via AEM Dispatcher filters).

HTTP POST /content/<ZIP File Name>.zip?licenseCheck=true&flatStructure=true&downloadSubassets=<true|false>&downloadRenditions=<true|false>&s7exportsettings=...

An ajax POST call is triggered to load the modal. The POST method is used to avoid lengthy URI request calls with multiple asset path parameters. The ActionPageServlet is used to load the modal.