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Sightly Specification

Sightly is the new HTML templating language introduced with Adobe Experience Manager 6.0.
This is the Sightly Specification that defines the syntax and the behavior of the language.
A Java-based reference implementation was donated to the Apache Sling project and can be checked out from The Technology Compatibility Kit can be run on implementations to check their compliance with the specification. An implementation of version 1.1 of the language specification will be made available in AEM 6.1.

Sightly TodoMVC Example

This example shows how to build components in AEM 6 with Sightly. It’s a feature-complete implementation of the famous TodoMVC exercise, which is traditionally meant for client-side JavaScript frameworks. This implementation though shows how such an application can easily be built in AEM and it’s status persisted on the server using the Apache Sling REST framework.
All in about 300 lines of server- and client-side JavaScript code, following the latest AEM best practice!

AEM Brackets Extension

Sightly is the new HTML templating system introduced with Adobe Experience Manager 6.0. The AEM Brackets Extension provides a smoother development workflow for writing AEM components, offering several features like:
* Sightly syntax-highlighting;
* code-completion for Sightly expressions, data-sly-* block elements and Use-API Java objects;
* bidirectional synchronisation.