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PhoneGap Developer App

The PhoneGap Developer app is a testing utility for web developers and designers using the PhoneGap framework. After installing the PhoneGap Developer app you can connect to your PhoneGap desktop app to instantly view and test your project on the device.

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PhoneGap App Desktop

The PhoneGap Desktop App is the easiest way to get started with PhoneGap. It’s an alternative to the PhoneGap CLI, yet it uses the same libraries under-the-hood.

Cordova Push Notifications Plugin

This plugin is for use with Cordova, and allows your application to receive push notifications on Amazon Fire OS, Android, iOS, Windows Phone and Windows8 devices. * The Amazon Fire OS implementation uses Amazon’s ADM(Amazon Device Messaging) service. * The Android implementation uses Google’s GCM (Google Cloud Messaging) service. * The BlackBerry 10 version uses blackberry push service. * The iOS version is based on Apple APNS Notifications. * The WP8 implementation is based on MPNS. * Windows8 uses Microsoft WNS Notifications.

PhoneGap sample android app

This example demonstrates how a Cordova WebView can be added to an existing Android application that uses fragments. Once the Cordova WebView has been added and configured it will then be possible to supply any web content to this view for displaying within your Android app. Furthermore, it is also possible to include Cordova plugins with your Android app that the web content can take advantage of in order to access device features.