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ACS AEM Samples

This project is a collection of sample implementation of the various, common building blocks for AEM-based applications.
The samples in this project are not intended and should never be installed on AEM instance directly and only used for reference purposes.
These samples have not been tested for functionality; please report and bugs/incorrectness to the ACS AEM Samples GitHub Issues project.
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AEM SEO Extension (classic UI)

The SEO Toolbox provides a UI widget that guides authors to optimize their pages for search engines. Since the list of potential criteria for SEO can be arbitrarily long, the SEO Toolbox is built with pluggability in mind. Each plugin, called an “SEO Tool” can contribute a number of criteria that an author needs to check and it can provide a UI to help fix any problems that were detected.

AEM hybris integration extensions

This project shows how to extend/customize the Hybris connector to achieve the following:
* Parse some custom Hybris data when importing products from Hybris: MyResponseParser#parseProductData
* Import product references from Hybris: MyResponseParser#parseUnknownProductAttribute
* Add/update some specific product attributes in CQ when importing products from Hybris: MyImportHandler#updateProduct
* and more…

Data Connectors API Examples

A set of code examples for interfacing with the Data Connections (Partner) API.

  • Query for the full list of active customer integrations. Also, shows how to filter the query.
  • Import classification data into the Adobe Marketing Cloud for a specific customer integration instance.
  • Export analytics data from the Adobe Marketing Cloud for a specific customer integration instance.
  • more…